Hst Steels creates value-added services by making the best use of the surplus storage space in its warehouse. Maintained at pristine condition and operated with the latest facilities, the warehouse is also leased to end users who need to store their coil

In-house Weighbridge Ė 100 tons capacity.
Covered Sheds : As required by you.
Cranes : Of 40 tons capacity.
Power Backup : Adequate power backup so that production is not hampered during power shortages
Security : The Solar Perimeter Security Electric Fence system is installed with 24/7 security.
Office Space : As required by you.


We are the only service centre in Hyderabad to use Steel Straps for finished goods as per customers requirement.

Logistics :

We have a fleet of 26 own trailers/ truck to minimize dependence of outside transport and to enable efficient and cost effective operations