High Speed Slitting Line – HR Coils/Cold Rolled and Galvanized Coils

The total package in Hot rolled / Cold Rolled and Galvanised Coils in one place. We can deliver this apart from our decoiling lines, we also have a slitting line which can process coils weighing 40 tonnes and 2 metres wide with the thickness raging from 0.50 mm to 6 mm and tensile strengths up to 1,000 N/mm2. This line can cut 15 strips from a coil having a minimum width of 75 mm after which they may be tipped over and automatically packed onto pallets. The line has an annual capacity of 60,000 tons. In the hands of our experienced staff, this ensures optimum cutting quality.

Manufactured by Wuxi Bono International Ltd., China

Machine Specifications

0.50 - 6.00 x 2100mm

Start Size Processing Finished Size
Width Thickness I/D O/D Wt Max Cuts at: Width I/D O/D Length Weight
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Max Min Max Min Size1 Size2 Max Min Max Max
Thickness Thickness
750 2000 0.5 6 508 850 N/A 2000 40 N/A N/A 75 550 730 2000 N/A N/A 25

Our Slitting Line are capable of producing Slit coils of any width , Thickness and weight. After steel passes through the
processes of uncoiling, shearing and slitting, the output is superior quality slit coils with significantly higher levels of
productivity, which goes a long Way in providing customers with a competitive edge in the market.